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Pull Studs

Pull Studs

Pull stud / retention knob is a very important part of a machine It is a knob which is screwed into the end of the tool holder that locks the tool in place within the spindle.
Detailed Description


Since last 12 years we are manufacturing PULL STUDS like:

1) BT 30 with hole and without hole in 30,45,90 degree, 

2) DIN 69872 in 30, NT 30 as per the standard with M12 external threading 

3) MAS-BT 40 and MAS BT 50 with hole, without hole in 30, 45, 90 degree with ‘O’ ring external and internal 

4) DIN 69872 form  A and B with O ring 

5) ISO 7388/2B,ISO 73882A

6) MAZAK 40 and 50 

7) JIS 6339,ANSI

8) Any SPECIAL PULL STUD is made to requirement according to the sample or drawings.

We have covered almost all standard varieties of PULL STUD in our regular production.


We use only 20MnCr5 raw material for production of all varieties of PULL STUD.

 Regarding Case Depth, Perfect Hardness, and correct Core hardness all are being maintained correctly and accurately. 

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